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Originally Posted by BKsBimmer View Post
Bummer, I couldn't read it all. Honestly you lost me at Socialist Communism. Sounds like you had a bad month, preceded by a bad year, preceded by 3 bad years, preceded by a bad decade.

This post makes me think of the Russell Crowe character in "A Beautiful Mind".

So much time and detail given to such obsessive and paranoid thoughts and ideas. The tragedy is that you don't realize it's all just crap. You believe it's true, so for you, it is true. That is sad.

My suggestion: Put your thoughts and energies to more constructive use. Be more optimistic about life. You'll probably feel better.
Those communist goals are not my beliefs but were on congressional record as known goals by the communist government to remove us from the picture and have us more allied to communist regimes.

If you bothered to read the list you would see we are slowly fulfilling each of them. If you would open your eyes for a second to look around you might notice that the USA is moving towards socialism, and your governement has enacted laws that support the potential for an oppressive regime to rise up in the USA.

Obama is just another liberal (socialist agenda) leader, however he is not the primary cause of the USA going further down the socialist hole, he is one in a long line of lousy government leaders who have basically helped make the USA a little less free, more expensive, more dependent, and alot more in debt.

My hope is that you wake up aware of what is going on around you. In the mean time keep pretending this is about red vs blue, black vs white, picking a side and mocking those people who see the world differently then you rather than addressing the facts on record.