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Originally Posted by DerekS View Post
Don't forget the 11% increase in torque (for 8 spd version) which would be felt by the driver !

There is also a new "exhaust silencer" which really is a new air filter that would change the exhaust sound to a burbling sound on deceleration. If you go to BMW's website, click on M Performance and Dynamics, you can hear the exhaust sound.
I think this modification would make the M Performance exhaust redundant.

Finally, the existing factory warranty remains in effect.

Since my previous Post #6 above, my dealer has been informed that the final MSRP and availability date have not yet been confirmed for the Canadian market. January 2013 seems like a good bet at this point. The pricing is likely to be somewhat flexible.
The M Performance Power Kit does not include a new "exhaust silencer" it includes a new "Intake Silencer" which might allow for a little more induction noise to be heard, it won't affect the sound of the exhaust burble. Any enhancement in the overrun exhaust burble will come from the software changes, and exhaust burble is audible regardless of which exhaust you are running (stock, M Performance, or otherwise, just might be louder with aftermarket). The old PPK for the N55 in the E9X advertised the enhanced burble as one of the benefits, and it comes purely from changes in fuel delivery as a result of the software change. There is already pretty significant exhaust burble in the F30 N55 in Sport/Sport+, the F30 PPK might enhance it a little bit, but I can't imagine it being much more pronounced than it already is stock. (Here are a few examples of the F30 N55 burble in Sport mode without the PPK:

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