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It seems like Audi is the new hot thing with young professionals here.

My cousin and I bought 2010 A4s when they came out. I was 28 then and he was 25 or so and we're what you'd consider the white collar entry level BMW / Audi / Mercedes demographic income wise. (another friend bought a 2011 A5 even though we both said something along the lines of, i know this could be horribly unreliable, but its so pretty when we bought our cars)

Gotta say at the time, the styling looked nicer than the e90. The e90 just didn't look that great, i dont know it looked kind of squat and badly proportioned. that and I will admit the whole LED lighting thing was cool then. That and my mom and several of my friends had e90s. Yes I didn't want to get the same car as my mom.

That said, both our 2010 A4s had the oil burning issue, mine had a cat fail, had the injectors fail, etc. Sold mine to get an F30 and thus far I'm glad I changed (now if BMW could just fix the rust issue....)

That said, A4s are also A LOT less expensive than an equivalent F30. That wasnt so much a factor for me, but if you were buying a new "aspirational" car and you are a young professional where audi / BMW seem to have about the same reputation (i dont think really that many younger people buy the C class or ATS ) a cheap CVT A4 for $5000 less than an F30 if you arent an enthusiast and just want a "nice car" i'm figuring you save your $5000 a lot of the time. My cousin has a CVT A4 with premium plus which i'd say is probably $34k ish or so probably a good $5k less than an F30 with nothing but premium if not more.

I got sport and quattro on mine, but honestly if you really like to drive its not as good. understeer city. That and the bad reliability reputation does seem to be true for VW products.

At my current parking garage, I have the only F30.... theres 3-4 b8 A4s. A few e9x though, so maybe its just new.

in LA these days i see a good amount of F30s. Mostly base , with i'd say 5-8% of the time a sport, and maybe slightly less of luxury line (i dont think i've actaully seen a modern on the street). I've seen one other m-sport in West LA EVER, which was a mineral gray. Its only been out 9 months, i'm sure itll be all over the place soon (which sucks, makes me a little happier i got estoril blue though). i saw a 335i yesterday, which was probably a first, so they do exist but just barely.

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