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Originally Posted by shivaswrath View Post
Yeah, the more I've driven it, the more I've realized it's the M Sport springs, NOT the M Perf Springs.

I'm actually ok with it though...I can't imagine a more FIRM ride. The dampeners/ARBs have changed the handling of the car DRASTICALLY.

Going off of purely non-track, winter tire impressions versus STOCK suspension:
1. Body roll has been reduced about 65%
2. Lane change maneuvers without body roll about 50%
3. Off/On ramp speed stability - I've gained about 20 mph without losing control of the car (limited by my standard seats lack of side bolsters!)
4. Turn in crispness - increased by about 75%

All in all, it's probably a combination of the M Sport Springs/ARBs + Upgraded Dampeners, but I'd like to think the $1500 I spent on the "suspension kit" was why it's all amazing now...
M Performance springs are red.
I don't think it will be that much firmer, I would go back to BMW and say that you want the extra 10mm drop.