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Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
Yes. if all guns were to magically disappear from this country it would be a safer place. How plausible is that though? Other countries, like Canada and Australia didn't start out with having to rid themselves of over 230,000,000 "known" firearms. That's quite a task. Is it possible?
Is it possible ? Probably not, realistically. Is the sheer number of firearms the differentiating factor? I dunno. There's a chart on another thread with some interesting stats, and 1 thing that stood out to me is that Australia has 15 guns per 100 people, the exact same number as Mexico. However, their intentional gun homicide rates are a million miles apart, so that might suggest that it's more complicated than just the number of guns per person. Considering those 2 numbers, maybe you dont need to go a remove all of those 230 million extra firearms in order to stop the insanity. After all, if Australians dont find the presence of those extra guns lying around to be an irresistable temptation, and can control themselves from behaving like savages despite having them available on their soil, then surely there MUST be hope for Americans, right??

There's no easy answer obviously, but the fact that other countries manage to conduct elementary classes without their teachers having to worry about some sicko coming in and shooting their students tells us that it is possible, it's not some theoretical pipe dream. Given what is at stake, isn't it worth trying to figure out how to copy that success ? Looking inward (ie: forget other places, what laws should we adjust or not) doesnt seem to be working.

If someone else has figured out something you have not, there's no shame in asking them, hey, how did you do it?