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Just got a chance to doing this today...wasn't too bad, took me 2 hrs but that's because it was raining and I was trying to do everything with the doors closed. I also installed the V1 remote display, otherwise it would have taken 15 minutes.

I used the cigarette adapter in the port underneath the glove box like Jeff D suggested.

This also worked out well for the remote display. There was no great position on this car for the remote display, so I ended up mounting it to the top of the steering column. Slightly blocks the odometer, but not a huge deal.

I ran the V1 power wire up the A pillar as shown above, and then pulled out the vent cluster/trim. I used a hangar as a snake to run 1 end of the remote display wire to below the steering wheel. I wrapped it around the bottom of the wheel and up the far side, it stays in place reasonably well just using the foam trim that is there. The other end I snaked straight down to right above where the passenger footwell outlet is. That let me grab the wire and plug it right into the V1 adapter. For not truly hardwiring, it's very clean and everything stays tucked inside the dash.
Everything yanked apart...I was going to try and run it underneath the stereo but there was no good way to get across the console.

V1 mounted over the passenger side to keep it out of the middle of the window.

Remote display double stick taped to the steering column.

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