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I have done this through the mirror. I used the basic bits in quoted post below to do it, and threaded the wires directly into the back of the mirror plug as shown, only without the metal pins (I may use them later, the ones I had were too short and were not making contact). V1 turns on/off as you'd expect, and it works great. I plan to look at adding in the remote display soon too, which should just be a matter of running the other two lines in the phone line to wherever I decide to mount it.

If you do do this, I highly recommend at least one ziptie keeping your phone cord in place inside the mirror, I had mine slip out the back of the plug once which was annoying.

My 9500ix install is very similar, except instead of wiring it into the Overhead Console, I installed it by separating the Rear View Mirror Housing, which easily separates in the middle at the seam, and tapping into the backside of the 10-Wire Connector Plug inside it, with +12V (Switched off the ignition) on the Brown/Green wire and Ground on the Brown/Black wire.

In case anyone is interested, the Wire I am using is a "Corvette Radar Detector InvisiCord" from Southern Car Parts.