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Originally Posted by BavarianFanatic View Post
This is the most logical post I've seen so far regarding this.

Dealers are not an extension of the manufacturer. They're independent agents. They can't jump in with both feet to correct an issue if they don't know they'll be compensated by the factory. Remember, the manufacturer warrants the cars, not the dealers. ANY issues you have with any car need to be authorized by the manufacturer. While some dealers are quick to blow issues off as normal, that doesn't preclude you from contacting customer service directly to log a complaint. The more complaints received about a given issue, the higher the likeliehood they'll issue a bulletin.

It's only AFTER a bulletin is released (or an individual authorization is granted) that any dealer will commence work. There's zero reason to get lippy with your dealer. They're your ADVOCATE, not the enemy. Bitching and complaining to them will only make them not want to work with you.

Take the car in for assessment. Have them document their findings and contact the regional rep or BMW directly. Then just sit back and wait. These things take time. Your car won't be falling apart anytime soon (at least not because of surface rust on the seat pans).
I have rust on both frames and can see rust starting on passenger hinge. I'll be visiting the dealer later this week. My expectation is the dealer will document the situation. I'll also follow up with BMWNA to assure my situation is on record. I don't have any expectation that they'll immediately react by replacing my seat frames. However, since it's rust, I do expect the problem to get worse over time. Hopefully by the time it's looking horribly corroded, BMW will have some sort of remediation in place. Til then, I'll still love driving my ride!