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Originally Posted by vinny84 View Post
I don't agree with you here.

Most cars now a days can go 100mph easily, and smoothly
I am not simply talking about the stability of my vehicle at speed in excess of 100mph. I'm saying if someone exceeds the posted limit by more than 30mph they should be jailed.

Residential roads in MD has a limit of between 15 - 25 mph. I can smoothly operate my car 45-55 mph. However, it does not make it a good idea on these roads. What if a child run out into the road? I'm less likely to hit them at 15mph vs 45mph. There is a reason there are speed limits.

As for highway speeds. The max in MD is 65 but I know states with limits as high at 80 mph. If our highway system was setup like the German autobahn then maybe we could drive in speed over 100mph but on our highway systems this is not a good idea. If you are in an accident at those speeds you will likely not only kill yourself but whomever else is involved in the accident.