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I'm sorry, but cchrisv seems to be the only other one in here so far that has some common sense. The rest of you sound like a bunch of college kids who think it's cool to drink and drive, blast base music at 2AM, and do peel-outs at the lights.

It's one thing to enjoy driving a fast, sporty car with good handling. It's another thing to willfully endanger not only your own life, but those of every other driver/pedestrian around you.

Yes, everyone (including me) drives above the posted speed limit most of the time, but usually this is at most 10-15 mph over. Let's say limit is 65 on a highway. I'd at most do 80. You're talking about doing 95+. In NY, if you go 10 mph over, police ignore you. At 10-15, if they're a total dick they'll pull you over and ticket you. 20+ and you're definitely getting pulled over. If you're doing 30+, state law REQUIRES THEM TO HANDCUFF YOU AND TAKE YOU IN.

There's a reason why over half of fatal accidents are a result of speeding (higher than alcohol actually). When I want to drive fast and sporty and over the limit, I go to a local track on a track day. Then when I'm driving normally, I drive like a responsible person who wants to live past 40.