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Originally Posted by Roki_014 View Post
Ric seems like you are the only one that answered to my post, all I asked to see what kind of laws different states have regarding speeding compared to IL, tnx

Yes i agree its dangerous and stupid but it should not be treated equally as actually caring drugs or theft
Considering that in the US over half of fatal accidents are due to people significantly speeding (at least 30% over speed limit), I would say excessive speeding is more dangerous than theft. Obviously the laws and rules are different for different countries. But given your average American driver and how easy it is to get a license here, I would say a night in jail is appropriate for 30+ over limit.

ric, if everyone followed driving rules to the letter we would all be perfectly safe going 120 mph. In fact, once Google car is out of development and takes over the roads, I wouldn't be surprised to see them zipping around at 100+ regularly. However, the point is, even if you follow all the rules, there will always be others who don't.

To all those who say it's perfectly okay to blast around at 100+ on highways just because you have a high performance car, I can only say I'm glad you are nowhere near NYC. I've seen too many aftermaths of speeding accidents to ever want to be involved in one.