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Originally Posted by Roki_014 View Post
Yes i agree its dangerous and stupid but it should not be treated equally as actually caring drugs or theft
Its less dangerous for my to carry a bag of weed than driving 30mph over the speed limit.

Maryland speeding laws are:
In Maryland, each moving violation offense is assessed a number (or point value) from one to 12. You must be convicted of the offense for the points to go into effect on your driving record. The higher the number, the more weight the offense has against your record (and ultimately your bank account).

When you tally eight to 11 points in a two-year time frame, you might start questioning whether you are becoming a detriment to the road. You will have plenty of time to ponder because, at this point, the MVA will suspend your license.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs - 12
Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs - 8
Unlawful use of your driver's license - 12
Loaning or borrowing a driver's license - 12
Speeding (up to 9 mph over) - 1
Speeding (more than 9 mph over) - 2
Speeding (exceeding 65 mph by 10 mph - 19 mph) - 2
Speeding (exceeding 65 mph by 20 mph - 29 mph) - 5
Speeding (30 mph and over) - 5
Driving without a license - 5
Speed contests - 5
Driving alone with a permit - 5
Driving without proof of insurance - 5
Reckless driving - 6
Possessing or diving with a suspended or revoked license - 12
Failure to stop at a stop sign - 1
Improper turn - 1
Failure to yield - 0-5 points, depending on exact infraction

BTW anything over 20mph in Maryland is considered Reckless diriving. The cop will give you a speeding ticket and a reckless driving ticket.