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Originally Posted by rconti View Post
Because they're building more slightly-different-looking same-old-same-old models at the expense of offering us a more diverse lineup of engine and transmission combinations in the existing vehicles people already want?

Not saying it's a bad business decision, it might well be that the badge whores are upset to spend so much on a sedan and see 50 of the sedan every day, and wonder "why didn't I just buy an appliance car?" So instead they want to buy something "more exclusive" and "slightly more swoopy-looking" so they only see 20 of the same car every day... which might, in turn, drive sales. *shrug*

But I think there are a lot enthusiasts on these kinds of forums who *actually enjoy the cars for what they are* and don't particularly care if other people have the same-looking car.. and would prefer the diverse engine and transmission combinations I mention.

So that's why you see whining here about a decision that might actually play well for the mass market as a whole.
I'm confused, how much more "diverse" would you like drivetrain options to be? As of now you can get x-drive or s-drive in nearly any model, and both the 4cyl and 6cyl (petrol) engines are always winning awards, then you have that great 8-speed auto (not for me though) and a 6-speed manual (albeit that could use some fine-tuning). Hybrids are here, diesels have been offered in the US and will probably come back...

Sure, Europe and other countries get more engine options, but how does that bode well with enthusiasts? Enthusiasts usually want the choice with the most power, not a confusing array of multiple engines...

Your post confuses me... If enthusiasts don't care about what their cars look like, then they won't care that BMW is offering more models...

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