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Sport+, Eco to Comfort default and Rear DRL update.

OK guys here's a few mods I've found and tested all working:

Sport +
ICM Module:
IcmKod_B_Sportlenkung (switch to verbaut)
You will get an error message for the tyre pressure monitor and DSC after coding but its easily cleared by shutting off the car and restarting. Reset your TPM. Works fine.
This is actually switching on the sport steering however I doubt we get this without hardware (although i was sure the steering felt different) but the Sport+ is the bonus.

Default start in Comfort rather than Eco (Efficientdynamics models only)
ICM Module:
IcmKod_B_InitEco (switch to nicht verbaut)
Your car will always now start in Comfort.

Inner rear DRLs for later cars:
Follow the instructions on Svache's cheat sheet and in addition to this:
MAPPING_UNIVERSAL_6_PWM_LEVEL_1 (change to werte 64) (100%)
MAPPING_UNIVERSAL_7_PWM_LEVEL_1 (change to werte 64) (100%)
These are actually the standard settings for earlier cars. The value will change to "unknown" for newer cars (or those who have had the update like me) but it is correct and works fine.