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Originally Posted by MteK View Post
What's funny is that I quickly jump on the side of pro-gun when it comes to self defense or hunting, but that's it. Standing up against tyranny? Spare me.

I've done my share of range time and 3 gun competitions. Turns out a lot of the most rabid gun nuts couldn't run a couple of blocks without passing out. Many don't have any formal training or experience, yet they always talk about "getting into it" if they have to.

Truth is many of us wouldn't stand a chance if we had to go up against a well trained and equipped tactical unit coming for us or our guns. It's pure fantasy land.
Me too, but self defense and hunting is not what this about. I own several guns, used to hunt, and have a pistol close by in the house for protection. Texas just enabled carrying concealed weapons in the car with no permit. I have no problem with that. I do have a problem with people being able to carry guns in all places. That is a catastrophe waiting to happen, but we surely can't restrict that lest we "take away our rights".

What is funny is the "right" to bear arms against a tyrannical government or to support the military used by some in here. The "right" to not have any restrictions on that in terms of clip size because the 2nd amendment is meant for citizens to "have the same arms as the military". I've read alot of BS on the internet before, but this takes the cake.

If that is the case, where are the bazookas on sale in Walmart? RPG's? Patriot missiles? We could put those in the front yard and plant some flowers around them, and they would be a great conversation piece. Those Apache Helicopters and tomahawk missiles the govt will use when tyranny arrives are a bitch, so we need to be legitimately packing. Also, a country that spends 20 times more on the military than the second place country surely needs all the help it can get. It would be a shame if we are not well versed in drone usage when the evil doers pour over the border.

All sarcasm aside, the person that starts a thread like this and the people who rally around it, at this time when a bunch of children are barely in the ground because some nut with access to guns kills them before their lives even begin, deserve whatever I call them.