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Diesel fuel range on 320d

Well, this is the result which I'm pleased in moderation as i was expecting a better consumption compared to the X5.

I always reset the odometer on each fill (old habit) so 953.3 km on a fuel tank, I might have been able to get to 1000km but since the range was being quite erratic at times showing 70km then you drive on a road with a climb and the range dropped, so wanting not to risk getting stranded, I gave in at 953km.

The driving was always on Eco Pro - and since there are so many roundabouts here and hardly any traffic lights, ASS was "off", also the climate setting on Eco Pro was disabled (full power A/C and seat heating).

It appears I only got 5.96 L /100km, better than the X5 (Xdrive35) on 9.95L/100km (average) but i was expecting high 4's and or below 5L/100km.

So the conclusion is that I'm using 25 to 30L less per fill and gaining around 50 to 100km more range.

The app I use is called "Roadtrip" quite handy to keep track of all vehicle expenses.
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