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Originally Posted by Daveyc View Post
Blimey, there seems to be some right royal **** taking going on with some of these companies. To be honest, I'd just hang up if they even started to talk about charging for factory options - more for adaptive suspension ...!

Mark, I sympathise with you - they have you by the short & curlies on account of age alone and I guess you can't go hanging up on people like that. One of the very few benefits of having a few years under your bonet ...

Guess I'm lucky on area etc (Bristol), but Direct Line quoted me on my 330d M Sport (fairly specced up) at 390. Hire car, legal costs etc. I went with them and reduced the excess from 550 to 250, which took the premium unto 420. Seemed pretty fair to me and there was no talk of options - just the overall value.

Still, all these guys try to shaft you at some point. The really galling thing is that they all assume you're a teen-age chav if you modify your car and charge you double the premium.

Picking my car up tomorrow - can't wait, but the weather looks utter pants ...
Now that Davey was a result, I may need to use them next year myself if LV start pushing prices up to far.
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