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Originally Posted by Monkeycmonkeydo View Post
Still shocked you didnt get any rubbing with that wheel set up. Did you take any passengers and such? The fenders had to be sitting on the tires when you put 500 lbs in the car to do the alignment.

I had 20x10s on with 275s and it was miserable despite everyone's best efforts. Moved to the 255s to save that 10mm width on the outside and it made all the difference. Congrats to stance on getting that width to fit on the f30.

Car looks great by the way.

I have to agree with the H&R sport springs. For anyone that would diss a drop, has not driven in a car with the sport springs. My ride is 10 times better than it was stock and by not going super sport I can still pull into any driveway I want without issue.
Thanks bud!

Yup, no rubbing. I do get a bit when I go over those pathetic speed bumps with my car full of people otherwise I'm fine AH...

I regularly drive for lunch every day and have at least 3 colleagues with me. All is fine!

YES, TOTALLY AGREE! The H&R Sport Springs are awesome and a great investment. I get the look I want, the comfort is near stock (actually it's stock) and I still dont rub. I'm indeed very happy...

Now on to Stage 2..............
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