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Originally Posted by tojo_m View Post
Cchrisv's statement about jail may be just a bit more than warranted, but I'm surprised to see the kind of reaction from so many that think it is ok to do 30+ over speed limit.
It's not that its okay, its that it is out of proportion punishment. Put an heavy fine, revoke licenses for repeat offenders, but jail is a life destroying event, it should be restrained to people that actually need it to stop their behavior. I'm sure a hefty fine will make people think enough without sending them to the anal-rape house...

Btw I believe that doing a 60 on a 30 is not the same as doing a 95 on a 65, the former being more dangerous since you would be going double the speed limit in that case. So going to jail for doing a 60 on 30? Maybe yes. But jail for doing a 95 on a 65? I don't think so... a hefty fine should suffice. But then again that is my opinion.