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Originally Posted by chrisny View Post
Man, all those words and not one bit of punctuation. (I kid..). I drive your NJ turnpike 4 - 5 days a week and I can tell you, while I regularly drive about 80 in the 65 mph zone, I'm am rarely passed by "most people" driving 88. It's easy to think you're a great driver with great vision and reflexes, I've been guilty of that and overdone it on the highways at times. But, it's also easy for some truck driver doing the speed limit or even less to decide to change lanes when you don't expect it and put a giant wall in front of you that you don't have time to avoid. Search this forum for a BMW test driver that was killed in an F30 in that exact situation and you may feel a little differently.
Haha yah I don't use punctuation much, it's what my English teacher tells me too.(I'm 16) But yah I see what you saying I never said it was a 100% safe because there's always that idiot on the road. In this that truck driver. But I guess because I'm on route 18 us 1 and turnpike in the summer during the days of less traffic I see those higher speeds