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Originally Posted by artieg30 View Post
nope, not a fan either. Wasn't a fan of the 5 series gran turismo and nor am i on this one...

personally i think anyone that needed the "extra" hatch space should've went for the 3 series touring wagon instead of this... it's like the car cant decide between if it's a wagon or a sedan?!
I thought so too, but now I remember my dealership gave me a ride home in a 5 GT once and I sat in the back and compared it to the F10 5 series we owned. The GT has more space in the back, especially head room, and you sit up higher in it. It also has more trunk space than a 5 series wagon so I guess I can see why someone would want one of these GTs. It's not so much a split between a wagon and a sedan as it is a split between a sedan and an SUV, the ride height is between the 5 and the X5 and it does give you the high driving position that a lot of people seem to like without forcing you to get a full size SUV. It's not for me, but then again I rarely have anything besides a sweater in my trunk so I'm clearly not in the target demographic.