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I haven't been in the US much, but from what i've seen, and from what others have said, getting a drivers license is too easy and the driving laws are a bit wierd for us europeans. In most countries here, you have to pass your first aid, driving law exam, and have to have at least 20-25 hours of driving with a licensed examiner and then you have to drive infront of a commision. Only after passing all that, you gain a full DL, with a few limitations (no alcohol in your blood when driving,...).

The biggest shock for me was driving on the highway. Here, the left lane is the overpassing lane, which you can only use when passing somebody, otherwise you have to use the middle/left lane. As long as people follow those rules, you can drive faster and safer at higher speeds - in my country the legal speed for driving on the highway is 130kmh/80mph but as long as you don't drive recklessly you can drive up to 160kmh/100mph without getting pulled over.

For those that want to know how come the germans can drive so fast on the autobahn, go watch this: