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Matte Black Grilles

Hey forum,

I've searched the entire forum for any pics of matte black grills for the F30.

I purchased the OEM Black High Gloss Performance Grilles from Tischer and installed them. However, after looking at them...I didn't like how they made the front of the car look "smaller" and less wide.

If you notice, there are only 8 slats on the performance grilles whereas the OEM ones that are on the car are 11 slats (theres another thread on this in the forum, I know).

Basically, what I'm looking for are 11 slat either gloss or matte black grilles for the F30. Does anyone know if they are available? I found these on Bimmian but they don't have a pic to clarify.

Thanks everyone!

P.S. If anyone is looking to buy a brand new pair of OEM Performance Grilles (what I talked about above) please let me know.