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Originally Posted by Meeni View Post
It's not that its okay, its that it is out of proportion punishment. Put an heavy fine, revoke licenses for repeat offenders, but jail is a life destroying event, it should be restrained to people that actually need it to stop their behavior. I'm sure a hefty fine will make people think enough without sending them to the anal-rape house...


No, now you're talking about prison. Jail is different (at least here in the US). Jail means they take you down to the local PD, put you in a cell by yourself overnight, and more likely than not release you the next day.

In the US they do the same if you're inebriated in public: they lock you up in a PD until you sober up the next day and let you go. Nothing life ruining about it, no charges pressed etc, except maybe your ego and trouble with your parents if you're underage. I definitely believe punishment for speeding 30+mph should be on par if not more severe than just being drunk in public.