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Originally Posted by Meeni View Post
Who said the contrary? I'm not saying its cool to drive recklessly, I'm saying that punishment should be just enough to deter the behavior. You are being all emotional, but you fail to see that it serves no purpose to send to jail people that could be kept civilized without that. Jail cost money, it destroys lives (yes, reckless driving too, that's why its illegal and you want to have some adequate punishment to it), and it serves no supplementary purpose that couldn't be achieved with the appropriate fine, at least for first time offenders.
I still don't see how a night in the jail destroys lives... (maybe if certain funny business happen while there,lol) In MD if your pulled over for a DUI you spend the night in jail. At least in our state driving 30mph will put you in jail. This is frankly how it should be while our road system is setup the way it is.