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Originally Posted by cchrisv View Post
I still don't see how a night in the jail destroys lives... (maybe if certain funny business happen while there,lol) In MD if your pulled over for a DUI you spend the night in jail. At least in our state driving 30mph will put you in jail. This is frankly how it should be while our road system is setup the way it is.
A night in jail is not the terrible part, it is the arrest record. Even if no charges are filed, even if you are completely innocent and the cop was a huge dick, every employer runs background checks. Arrest record? Not hired.

Doesn't even matter why you were arrested or how long ago it was.
The US has the highest incarceration rate in the world. Mostly that is drugs, but it is also the overcriminalization of everyday behavior.
You don't like that someone dresses differently(saggy pants)? Pass a law, make it illegal, arrest the guy.
A plant is in your possession(weed, cocaine)? make it illegal. Throw the guy in jail
You dump soapy water in the storm drain after washing your car?
Arrest him.

Drive 30+ over the speed limit?
Arrest him.

Individuals should be free to make their own decisions, not subject to the whims of the majority.