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Originally Posted by JonoNZ View Post
BMW US-based assembly has the worst reputation over here, probably mostly due to the design/quality of the X cars that are produced there. SA isn't generally considered a problem amongst NZ buyers.
I love how so many like to dog the USA. I suspect you're just making a point and I respect that, but lets look at contributions to technology/manufacturing from major nations.

I've been to the Spartanburg plant. Its very well run and many of the workers live and breathe BMW. You see beaters in the parking lot with BMW paraphernalia on them. If you want an X3/5/6 for the entire world it comes off those lines. Says a lot when BMW has confidence to supply X3/5/6 for the entire world from that plant. Plus its the ONLY plant in the BMW system that allows owners to watch the assembly of their vehicle.