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Originally Posted by AndyGF View Post
The GTI MK5 is really the come-back GTI in my eyes, MK3/4 being a bit underpowered, and a large percent of the RHD GTI's are SA built. I was wondering if Rich100 knew that, especially with him residing in the UK?

Okay... But I suspect that has a lot more to do with marketing, and very little to do with contributions to technology/manufacturing.

By the same token the same could be said for SA built BMW's, 3 series being a mainstay of south african motoring, outselling Americas & Australia's much loved toyota Camry 3 to 1. I know which one I would rather drive...
I dont think he was talking about BMW specifically or their marketing. I believe he was referring to the amazing contributions that the USA has offered the world.

His point may be summed up better by pointing out that in the last 200 years as America has become established, technology has exploded to a point that trivializes all technological advances made in the thousands of years of recorded history prior to the USA. Many of these advances came from within the USA and many came from other countries. However, it is important to note that other countries have undoubtedly benefited greatly from the establishment of the land of the free.

And so it is interesting that some like to prod at the USA and generally talk down to Americans as if they are less than citizens of other countries. But when you examine the technological advances that have resulted from the stars and stripes, no one should laugh.