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Originally Posted by Deyvy View Post
Googling about though, BMW do sell a mobility kit (compressor and slime). Why would they do that if they didn't let people use non rfts. Probably more so that they prefer you to use rfts so wont give you the option. I know as a customer we expect to be given the choice since we're paying so much but sometimes though not giving a customer the option makes life so much easier.

'setup' for rfts, thats something I've not heard before.
BMW cars have (officially) been 'setup' for RFTs since RFTs were introduced. But as many found in the early days, 'compromised' for RFTs was more accurate. Hence why many of us removed them and ran on normal tyres.

But as the generations of cars and tyres has gone on, cars are certainly more workable with RFTs than at the beginning. Whether we can say that a model won't work, or can still be improved without RFTs these days, that is still open to debate. Particularly as BMW have lots of wheel options which change/compromise ride and handling of a car anyway.

BMW make mobility kits as some models don't have RFTs. Also for the M-cars which have run without spare wheels (or RFTs) for quite a while.

BMW never officially sanctioned changing from RFTs, even from the early days when even some wheel options were not RFT shod. Also reminded users we were possibly compromising emergency cover if caused by punctures on non run-flat tyres. Even used the threat of warranty being invalid.

Many dealers were more enlightened and would still support the users who moved from RFTs, as my dealer did for me.

Latest cars like the F10 and F30 are definitely more tuned and suited to RFTs, the F30 was the first BMW with RFTs I drove which I could not feel any negative RFT characteristics through the chassis and steering.

I had the concerns when buying the F11 that I would be fighting RFTs again, but not so, neither the summer set, or more surprising the winter set, with tempertures already being down to -6C and the RFTs still working well.