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Odd status for my ED car

I think I know the answer to this, but figured I'll pop it up anyway in case it actually is accurate. Here's the tracking from WW for my ED car:

Status Status Location Date Status Quantity
DELIVERED FROM NEW YORK, NY 22-12-2012 04:15:00 1
DISCHARGED NEW YORK, NY 22-12-2012 04:00:00 1
LINER RELEASE NEW YORK, NY 21-12-2012 13:34:48
CUSTOMS RELEASE NEW YORK, NY 21-12-2012 00:00:00
LOADED ON VESSEL BREMERHAVEN 04-12-2012 18:35:00 1
BOOKED BREMERHAVEN 28-11-2012 16:35:12 1

My assumption is that the LINER RELEASE and CUSTOMS RELEASE have not actually occurred yet since they don't show a quantity of "1". Is this accurate? It just seems odd that they show a date already. Logic tells me this hasn't occurred yet, but...

Everything I've read about other folks' experiences are that once it shows the releases it actully IS released. On the other hand, I don't recall ever seeing the "Status Quantity" entry before either...
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