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Well, I found one on the lot that I ended up liking a lot. It's a different than what I had originally wanted, but I really like it. The dealer really wanted to move it, and I kind of like the idea of picking up the car sooner than later....and not sweating if my order would be delivered within 60 days of promotion expiration. I'll take delivery on Jan 2nd and avoid personal property taxes until December 2014, which is nice.

So here is my first Bimmer ....

328i X-Drive Sport line
Mineral Gray
Sport Auto
Tech package
Premium package
Cold Weather package
Lighting package

The combination of there not being many 335s around (dealer had 24 328s, and 2 335s), and the dealer wanting to move this car at the end of the year is why I decided to go with this 328. Even though the sticker prices between the 335 that I was planning to build and the 328 on the lot is only around $1200, the lease payment difference was $110. And if that 335 didn't make it in time for the promotion cut off, the difference was going to be even greater. I'll miss the engine tune of the 335...probably more than the power of the engine itself. $110 a month is decent money to me....glad to hold onto it.

I was on the fence for awhile on the auto vs the 6SP before leaning on the 6SP side. But it took me awhile to lean that way....So it wasn't like that was the end all be all for me. Besides, I think we can all agree, this is one of the best auto transmissions....not a bad "settle" in my book. And it has the Sport Auto, which makes it even less of an issue.

It's a beautiful car and I can't wait to her pick her up in 10 days. I'll get some pictures up next week. I took a couple, but it was starting to get dark, so they aren't great. I guess it's time to update "what i drive" on my profile.

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