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two questions

Hi Guys. Firstly hello. Not new to BMW just the forum. This is my second, like the last one had to buy the new 1 gone from a 318i to the 320d, loving it so far.

One thing I did not spec was sun protection glass, So i had the windows tinted. As a result of this the rear window in the dark which lets face it at the moment north of the border is almost all day. Where the heater elements are the light bounces/reflects all the way up the windon the brighter the light the more it deflects anyone else who has after market tints seen this or has any advice for me so I can get this fixed?.

Apart from that the car is runnning great.

If you select Xeons outside of the visibility pack are the two middle lights left balnk as when I flash they do nothing or when on high beam.. Yes I should have just footed the extra but my budget was limited... private buyer n all that.

Cheers in advance Paul