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Originally Posted by Orient330iNYC View Post
i used to use p21s. use sonax full effect wheel cleaner now. coupled with meguiars brake dust barrier, dust adhesion is minima,
Thx for the tip. Will check out these products.

I once tried the Michelin brake dust repellent on my wife's car but didn't notice it helping much (if at all). I think it lasted maybe 1 week. A friend in the body/paint business told me to try "wheel Wax". He told me its a minor "project" to apply and remove (from all the crevices) but its good for 6 months and does a pretty good job. He notices a lot of his brake dust wash off with water when wheel wax is on his rims. He has an older Benz and those dust like crazy too.

I may throw darts at this until I find something that works. I am NOT looking forward to cleaning these wheels weekly. My SA told me the MSport brakes tend to dust a "bit less" after 1K miles. He said not a huge difference, but noticeable.

If all else fails I may need to find a trusty car wash guy as my patience will wear thin over time. Or I may consider paying dealer to switch my pads to the low dust pads used in the Sportsline. They should fit as it seems the calipers/rotors are same. I doubt the braking performance difference is that significant to warrant putting up with these puking brake pads!

Anyone know if the M Performance brakes dust like the USA MSport Euro pads?