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Originally Posted by claykin View Post
Early November build. Yes, I see the same blocks you identified in your pic. Vibration dampers or whatever they are.

I have about 180 miles and squeal has been minimal thus far. A bit here and there, but not an issue (yet).

The brake dust is a totally different story. Holy moly, those wheels need a scrubbing already! I feel like I have my E36 M3 back. Good thing I got the 403M wheels. At least the grey inserts tend to hide the dust so they only look filthy when up close. I can only imagine what the 400M silver wheels looks like after a couple hundred miles of no cleanings.

Can anyone recommend a good wheel brush? I've got a wheel clean kit I got from the dealer a few years ago. Works alright, but wondering is there's something better/more modern and helpful. And cleaning solution? Always been told to only use car wash soap unless I need more help in which case I've used P21s. Advice?
I find using paint polish or waxing the wheels helps a lot with cleaning. Get the wheels nice and clean, then apply a couple of coats of Liquid Glass. It's a "paint sealer/polish" that lasts a good bit longer than wax.
It provides a decent barrier to the brake dust. The dust comes off easier after the polish, and it doesn't creep into the wheel surface as easily due to the barrier. You have to reapply it at least twice per year, spring and fall.
Wax works too though it's not as effective and you'll need to reapply it more often.

As you know or Msport brakes use a more 'aggressive' pad, which means a deal MORE brake dust. It only takes a couple of days after washing until I can see the dust again. Yeah, it sucks, but at least it's easier to clean off using the polish. Plus, you can use Liquid Glass on your windshield as it's VERY effective at making water roll right off the glass. I rarely use my windshield wipers as long as I'm going above 40mph, water just rolls off.
You can get it at Autozone and it lasts a good long while.
I also use it on my cars paint every spring after a good cleaning and claying, then a couple of coats of Liquid Glass. If you want that wet luster, wax after the polish has had a couple of days to set. Looks fantastic.