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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
Test drive the Msport you want with the non adaptive sport/stock suspension. If you like it, then you'll also like the adaptive suspension.
Adaptive in sport mode and OEM sport suspension have the same firmness and 10mm drop. Adaptive simply gives the damper a bit more flexibility with regards to rebound and compression damping on different types of bumps as the damper can adjust it's damping.
Also, adaptive can be set to "comfort" mode which gives the car a very nice and supple ride if you want it such as on a longer highway cruises as it absorbs dips and bumps better than the sport suspension, as the sport susp tuning can't be changed.

Again, for sport mode, both adaptive and sport suspension are about the same. If you want a firmer sport ride and firmer control, then don't get the
M adaptive option on your Msport, and use that money towards the
M Performance kit or different aftermarket kit.

Personally, I think the sport and M adaptive suspensions are still not firm enough. BMW really should have firmed up these suspensions from the factory, by at least another 20-25%.
I'm leasing so I'm not going to invest in a whole new set up. If I were buying and wanted a truer sport suspension I would not have optioned the adaptive. I would either get the M Perf kit or something else.

I am however considering installing the M Perf springs to use with the M adaptive dampers. I don't know if the increased spring rates will match nicely to the M adaptives damping circuits, but I may just give it a try as it will cost much less than getting the whole kit. If it works I think the added spring rate will give me what I want, and then I can just uninstall the M Perf springs on lease turn in, and maybe sell the springs later.
I'm waiting to find out how much just the M Perf springs will cost. Also waiting to do this in the spring.
Thanks for the reply, seems the consensus regarding the f30 suspension that is simply is not firm enough. The whole changing it to comfort setting to cruise for nice highway trips is nice, but if the roads are smooth then the firm suspension won't really matter that much.

I too will be leasing, but even though i won't own the car, it will still be mine for THREE years so i can worry about taking the parts off before my lease is due.

So sounds like the sport in the dynamic is not sportier / firmer than the regular sport suspension. I think i will opt out for the dynamic package. Also, good call on the springs from the performance package, an additional 10mm drop will def be nice and won't be too harsh on the other stock parts.