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Originally Posted by Artem@ONEighty View Post
Not sure if this has been brought up before but I was curious to know if the m performance front calipers are actually any different than the m sport front calipers. Is it just paint and the rotors or are they actually different in size.

Also, would I be able to run the rear m performance calipers with oem M-Sport rear rotors?
We have to be careful with the information that gets posted as answers, because not all markets get the same parts.
US market Msports that optioned M Perf brakes from the factory use blue calipers, whereas M Perf brakes ordered later have a choice of different colors.
If an Msport came with the optional M Perf from the factory, then they are the same as the different colored M Perf that can be ordered after delivery.

In the US the OEM Msport brakes are not the M Performance brakes.
OEM US Msports don't get the same diameter rotors that come with the
M Performance brake kit. The M Perf rotors are larger diameter front and rear.

US Msport 335i front calipers don't look to be the same as M Perf Brembo calipers, and the rears are clearly not the same.