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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
OEM US Msports do not get M Performance brakes.
I measured my front 335i Msport rotors and they are not the 14.5" apprx diameter that are part of the M Perf brakes.
My rotors are somewhere around 13.5".
Also, my rear rotors are smaller than the M Perf rears.
Isn't it that in US u cannot order 2NH (M-sport brakes) from the factory yet?
I think before we move on to anything, I should clarify, with previous info from E90fleet, the situation with M-sport brakes & standard brakes:

Standard brakes 320i EU (all lines + M-sport package, which is option 337)
F:300mm (single pot floating) R:300mm (single pot floating)
Standard brakes 328i EU (ditto)
F:330mm (ditto) R:300mm (ditto)
Standard brakes 328i US/CDN (ditto except M-sport package)
F:300mm (ditto) R:300mm (ditto)
Standard brakes 328i US/CDN (M-sport package only)
F:330mm (ditto) R:300mm (ditto)
Standard brakes 335i EU/CDN/US (ditto)
F:340mm (4-pot fixed) R:330mm (ditto)

M-sport brakes 316d-320i EU (option 2NH, only in conjunction with option 337)
F:340mm (4-pot fixed) R:345mm (2-pot fixed)
M-sport brakes 328i CDN/US (planned but not yet available)
F:340mm (ditto) R:345mm (ditto)
M-sport brakes 328i-335i EU, 335i CDN/US (ditto, planned but not available in US yet)
F:370mm (ditto) R:345mm (ditto)

Pls note that M-sport brakes (blue calipers, option 2NH) is different from M-sport package (option 337). For all markets option 2NH is only available, as an extra factory cost option, in conjuction with option 337 (M-sport package), with only some select markets (depending on importers) 2NH being standard on cars with option 337.
The 370mm+345mm version of 2NH is part-for-part interchangeable with M-performance aftermarket retrofit system. The 340mm+345mm version of 2NH being part-for-part interchangeable only on the rear pairs - the front pairs being part-for-part interchangeable with the standard front brakes on the 335i (all spec combinations ex.2NH).

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