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Originally Posted by SomeRandomer123 View Post
Noticed something recently! Was hoping other Automatic or Sport Automatic Transmission owners could chime in too. Mine's a Sport Auto, although I think the standard will also do the same.

So, this is where I need your evaluation; my conclusion:
When accelerating in R, the torque converter doesn't fully lock up until about 5-8mph and when it does, it does so sharply, giving the bump sensation I was experiencing. And R is only one gear. Seems like a long gear though if it's doing ~ 1200rpm at over 10mph.

Now I need your thoughts: why is this? Why doesn't it act like 1st gear does, giving you complete connection?
Not sure what is going on, the gear ratio is similar to 1st gear (3.68 1st vs. 3.35 reverse). Not sure how lock up is intended to work in reverse, may be doing so, in a more abrupt manner. Typically I suppose, a driver wouldn't be driving like that in reverse.