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I have direct connections in my BMW dealership , most knowledgable mechanic answered that the sidewalls are too soft. The modern F30 xdrive DSC feel the difference. And will cut out the power.

I've tried a lot of pressure configurations , nothing works.

I actually drive with DSC on till 65km/h , then I shut down the DSC or there are no way you could overcome the 80km/h barier , even on dry non snowy road.

And the actual feel of the drive is different A LOT between SUMMER RFT and WINTER non-RFT same diameter/high/wide. I've tried it on dry road and it's driving a toyota after bmw , expecially in the corners.

But BMW should warn the users about it.

It's now -14C , and 80cm of snow on most roads =] , if i didn't have xdrive I would sit home most of the time.

18 400m , staggered setup on non RFT pirellisottozerro

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Very strange. Xdrive must be overly sensitive.

With AWD you have to make sure that the front and rear tires all have the same diameter.
Did you also make sure you were running the proper tire pressures front and rear?

If all of that is correct, I think BMW needs to answer as to why non RFT's, with the same diameter, and proper psi are causing the problem.
I'd like to read their explanation as to why RFT versions of the same tires will work.