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Originally Posted by dc_bmw View Post
Don't know that acronym.
But yes, I feel vibrations with the engine running at zero km/h.

It seems like the wheel is most relaxed when driving downhill. Therefore I suspect the engine to be a root cause.
The vibrations are at its worse when driving uphill on low revs (around 1400 rpm)

I made an appointment with a tire specialist (not bow) to second the statement that "all has been done" with the tires. I can here a humming sounds from the tires when driving instead of a constant zooming. Therefore I think one or more tires are not as round as they should be.
DC_BMW, your case is similar to what I have had. Car vibrates even when not driving. Drive for a while, let the engine heat up and then turn off auto start/stop, and stop the car ( 0 mph ) and give it a shot.