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Originally Posted by 335i-SG View Post
Thank you for the response!

Number, are you saying they wont work or they just don't make 10mm spacer that fit the F30 yet?

I'm going to call Rogue Engineering next week to see if they are working on something. I had their spacers in my 2007 335i and were a quality product.
They won't work. I don't know if anyone can design a 10mm hub-centric spacer for the rear that'll work out of the box. I believe it's because the hub lip protrudes just enough that a 10mm spacer doesn't have enough girth to have a lip of it's own. But since the lip on the spacer is necessary for hub-centric spacers, the 10mm spacer won't actually sit flush to the hub. There will be a 1mm gap or so. Sorry if that doesn't make sense. It's a bit hard to explain.

HOWEVER, there is a work around if you must go with the 10mm though. You can shave down the hub lip with a grinding tool. Just a mm or so will do. Then the existing 10mm spacers will fit fine (or so I've been told).

Let us know what Rogue says. I'm interested in the H&R 13mm, but it's damn expensive for spacers with no bolts included.