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Originally Posted by hans007 View Post
wow, i'm amazed at the complaints about noise. my 328i is a little noisy when you first start it up and its cold. like just barely.

but this car is way quieter than my last car (which did the same thing when cold, because of direct injection). i had a 2010 A4 before so it wasnt like it was ancient. this car is so quiet and so fast, i was doing 100 on the freeway yesterday and didnt even know it. if it were quieter not sure what i'd do, maybe i'm just deaf.
Agreed that it's quieter than a lot of cars. But one only has to drive a Lexus to know how quiet a car cabin can be. A Lexus is like a rolling sound recoding booth.

The most annoying sound in the N55 F30 is that turbo woosh. It's pretty damn loud.