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Drives: 2012 328i
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My new 2012 328i does shutter and stall.

We started getting cold weather in Colorado later than usual (late November). Temps around 20 to 30 F in the mornings now. My new 2012 328i does shutter and stall once in gear. Taking to dealer this week. Not acceptable.

Also continue to be disappointed with the new 3. Good quality finishes but there are problems:

Stop/Start is a joke. Thought I had stalled yesterday becuase of cold start stall history but it was in standby.

Have to select Sport mode and manual shifting to get the best sport feel.

Lost my garage door opener function (?).

Under acceleration, once, the car went into some kind of limited mode with violent shaking - dealer found nothing wrong. Since then, several 1000s miles later, it just feels as though the car cannot accelearte at 100% (minor surging).