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Originally Posted by tg335 View Post
Yes, power kit and exhaust are port installed. I've got the window stickers to prove it. This is my second 335 with both port installed options. This one seems different because of the timing of my purchase. I think my car got caught in the middle of the performance power kit and the new M power kit that is now being heavily promoted with all of the other m sport options. Regardless, I have the M sport exhaust with the engraved tips, even though I think my build sheet didn't specify (option Z10 Performance Exhaust). Build sheet also had Performance Power Package (option Z3B). To me, it just seems a name change to M Sport Performance Power Kit as opposed to the old label of BMW Performance Power Kit. Engine bay is lacking badges at this time and I am researching that further. Not in the mood to get ripped off and pay for a VPC option that actually didn't get installed. Regardless, I love the sound of the M Sport exhaust over my prior performance exhaust. Car is brand new so I have not driven it hard yet and haven't even put it in sport or sport+ mode yet. I did notice a difference in my old car with power kit so I am expecting the same or a little better performance with this kit. If it is even there. Hahaha.

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