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Originally Posted by clarence View Post
The brakes are the same for all lines & packages for their respective markets & engine sizes. Cars with M-sport package (option 337) have the same brakes as standard as on other trim levels within the same engine size, only if option 2NH is ordered with option 337 then u'll get M-sport brakes. Without option 2NH the brakes are not called "M-sport brakes", regardless of whether option 337 (M-sport package) is specified, hence so far M-sport brakes does not exist for US-spec cars w/M-sport package.
Correct, in their "respective markets", that's what I was saying to keep clear on. I think we're saying the same things about the actual brakes.

In the US market, stock OEM Msport F30's do NOT come with the blue caliper M sport brakes.
US market does not have the "M Sport/blue caliper" brake option. Those are available in other markets.

In the US we have the "M Performance" brake option, that is installed after the car leaves the factory. "M Perf" brake have the same size rotors as the blue caliper "M sport" brakes, and use the same calipers.
Thus, "M Sport" brakes are the same as the
"M Performance" brakes except the M Performance brakes can be had in 3 other colors not blue, and M Perf rotors are "dimpled". I don't believe the
M Sport blue brakes get the dimpled rotor.
Per moderator southlight:

In the US, M Sport Brakes are a not available as part of the M Sport Package or as a standalone option (US members can opt for the M Performance Brakes, which are the same as M Sport brakes, except for color).

In Germany, M Sport Brakes are option and the option requires either M Sport Package or a 335i with at least 18" wheels.

The M Sport Brakes feature bigger rotor sizes and fixed piston calipers both front and rear. They are Brembo 4-piston aluminum fixed calipers on the front axle and 2-piston aluminum fixed calipers on the rear axle. The brake calipers are painted in dark blue and an M logo is applied (think of the F10 M5 caliper design here) (see the first photos below from a previous spy photo) . You may not want to miss out on the M Sport brakes, as BMW will be offering as a BMW Performance part, huge 370mm drilled/slotted brake discs for the M Sport brakes (see below).

I think some confusion comes from BMW naming the blue caliper brakes
"M sport" brakes, as some people on this forum think that an Msport F30 comes standard with "M Sport" brakes, which is not the case.
Some think that an "M sport" has "M sport" brakes, which it doesn't.