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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
*DTC is not on when DSC is fully active. When you press the button once and release you are not deactivating DSC, you are switching it to DTC.
So pressing the button doesn't leave DTC on, it actually turns DTC on..

DTC is "dynamic traction control".
When DTC is active it allows the drive wheels to spin.
Also, there is still stability control during cornering, but at a reduced level.
With DTC on, the system allows the driver to play a bit more, like swinging the rear out, before the system intervenes.
Yes, when u press the button once DTC comes on, but DSC does switch off ("DSC Off" indicator light is illuminated in addition to the word "TRACTION" displayed on the instrument cluster). In the manual it said "it ensured maximum forward momentum but limited driving stability". It also said, when DTC is active, u'll have "maximum traction on loose surface".