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I'm pretty sure you are simply looking to use double-sided tape, the kind you can get at a hardware store (not double-sided scotch tape) this is tape will be thick.

I remember looking at my ED delivered car and saw it was adhered this way. This bond is quite strong and the front plate stayed on for two full weeks in Europe (with various weather conditions, pouring rain, sleet) and the journey overseas, but after coming back, it came off in extreme rain and flooding in SC, the day after pick up at the PDC. Good thing I still had my rear plate for a souvenir.

So, if you're looking to adhere your front plate with double stick tape, you may want to reapply every month or every other month. It's strong but not an indestructible bond.

Good luck and happy holidays to all.

All things said and done, it would recommend a tow hook license mount (as other members mentioned) which is what I chose to use here in the states (plus, you won't keep on losing your front plate) here's a link if you're interested.

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