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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
If you are going to get a different suspension for your 3, then I'd say save the money from adaptive and apply towards the new setup.

If you're not going to get a different setup, then do get the adaptive system as it works great. It has better all around damping compared to the static sport suspension, because it is adaptive, and that allows the damper to do it's thing better. Even though the "sport" setting isn't firmer than the static sport suspension you do get the better dampers and a few more "driver mode" settings that are not available with the static sport suspension if you're also getting the sport automatic trans.

With M adaptive and VSS, DH pkg, you can choose sport steering with sport suspension along with comfort trans and comfort throttle.
That's not available without the DH pkg.
For me that setting has been great and it's the one I use most of the time, because it allows the trans to use all 8 gears at reasonable speeds for quieter running and better MPG, while still getting a sport ride and handling with firmer steering effort. When I want sportier shifting I move the lever to the left and now it's in D/S sport trans mode, which holds gears longer.
For full on sport I switch to sport+. If I want to keep DSC fully active I can go into iDrive and set all the settings to sport, which then feels like sport+ but retains DSC fully.

So it's not just about over all firmness of the suspension.
Yes, I wish it were stiffer all around, but that's just personal choice.
As it is it's still a very nice sport setup.
Thanks for the response, tough choice. But can't go wrong with either.
I am not looking to track the car, but i love to take sharp corners and go through twisties with as little body roll as possible. I think I just need to test drive them both first.

Enjoy your 3!