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Originally Posted by Tsuyoi
Originally Posted by smashhell View Post
The F30 3 series are almost priced the same as 5 anyway. ($40k for 328/528, $50k for 335/535)
Wut? 328i starts at 37k msrp. 528 at 47k. That's a 10k gap. Or a 25% price gap. You could get premium, tech, cold weather, and HK audio on a 3 series for a base 5.
MSRP is not the whole story.
Because the 5 series is heavily subsidized. It is common to get $5k to $10k off on a new 5 series(I personally got $9k off). While its hard to find the same deals on the 3.
On top of that, you don't have the 'lines' gimmick, and more stuff comes standard.
Which equals to not much difference in price.
(A good example would be my pretty well optioned MSRP $58k F10 535i, I got it for $49k. While my sports line MSRP $56k F30 335i, I got it for $53k.
In my case, the 535i was $4000 cheaper)
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