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Originally Posted by F30AM View Post
I just checked my boot floor. There are 2 hooks at one end and 2 hooks at the other but no latches on the boot floor itself.

On the GTI, the luggage net hooks on to 4 hooks at the 4 corners of the boot. So no need for latches.

I'll check with the dealer tomorrow if I can buy these separately. Nothing is simple, is it?

Sorry to hear about your rusty seat bases. You must be so upset, nay angry and disappointed. It could cross my mind under such circumstances of returning the car. But thankfully it will be fixed. However, make sure thay don't bugger the fit of the leather. BMW quality eh, or lack of it. Shocking.
Great minds.....I am actually in the process of returning the car if I dont get compensation! So so shocked at having rust on a new 38k car

I just cant believe that I cant fit the net without drilling into the boot! double
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